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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with my personal data?
Your personal data will only be used for statistics, to get an idea which background refugees have that enter the Netherlands. And also to connect you in an efficient way to the relevant people and business. Only your name and emailaddress will be used for mailings. Global Workforce sends mailings on behalf of organisations to you, so your emailaddress will not be given to others. Your expertise is the leading key for connection. So engineers will be in contact with engineers or companies that hire engineers, IT personnel with IT personnel/companies, Medical staff with Medical staff/hospitals etc.
Does global-workforce give me a job?
No, global-workforce is a network organisation. Together we build a database to connect people with the same knowledge and skills to strengthen each other. In that way global-workforce helps you to find a job. Dutch companies and volunteers with the same professional background can find you. To work with you if there is a job for you or to help you with your language or to educate you. And you can share your knowledge with them.
Why should I fill in the form?
  • You build a network to find a job in the Netherlands and the homecountry when returning
  • You get (working)experience in your working field, paid or unpaid, this experience is worthy when returning to your homecountry. You improve your chance for a job significantly!
  • Learn Dutch by dealing with Dutch people in the working field and improve the English language skills.
  • Fight boredom and loneliness, be one of them, be needed!