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How it works

1. As the first step, you must obtain refugee status in the Netherlands. Once you have this, you can register with us.

2. Register by filling in the form. As part of this you need to provide information about your education and field of work.

3. Global Workforce will get to work connecting you with companies and Dutch volunteers located in your area (gemeente where you are or will be living) who are working in the same field of expertise. This way you can share and maintain your knowledge / skills, learn to communicate in the Dutch language and take part in our culture. Your chance of finding a job will increase. 

Global Workforce does not provide emailadresses to Dutch volunteers or organisations. We only send mailings. A limited amount of people has access to the database. This way we can control the data and what kind of messages reach refugees. This way we stay loyal to our mission.

How can you help us?

Spread the word about Global Workforce to all the refugees you know in the Netherlands. The more refugees we can sign up, the stronger the position we have collectively to engage with Dutch companies and organisations.